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… To the Alley Pond Environmental Center on a successful Green Gala! The celebration was held at Terrace on the Park on April 20th.  The honorees included George L. Miranda who was honored with the Environmental Justice Award, Christopher Leicht who was honored with the Friend of a Green Queens Award, and Carlos Martinez who was honored with the Friend of the Environment Award for his 22 years as APEC’s Head of Operations.

 George L. Miranda is President of Teamsters Joint Council 16, a union of 120,000 workers in downstate New York and is the Principal Officer of Local 220 representing employees in the airline, warehouse, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and cosmetic manufacturing industries. His fierce advocacy has made him a leader on immigrant rights, environmental justice, and other progressive causes. Mr. Miranda has united the Teamsters in strong coalitions with environmental and social movements that advance the cause of workers alongside other goals. The Alley Pond Environmental Center extends congratulations and thanks to George L. Miranda and the Teamsters.

Christopher Leicht is co-owner of Garden World Inc., which serves the five boroughs of NYC and Long Island. He is a graduate of SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture. He joined the Garden World team in 1977 and became an owner in 1993. During his tenure Garden World has become known as a leader in the industry at bringing premium quality and new ideas and concepts to the market place. Chris and Garden World work with the community around them via donations to help preserve all that is special and important to their friends and neighbors. Forty years and counting, Chris Leicht and the Garden World team will do their part to keep our neighborhoods beautiful  APEC extends congratulations and thanks to Christopher Leight and our friends at Garden World.  They have helped us with contributions to many events through the years.

Carlos Martinez has dedicated the last 22 years to the restoration of APEC's wetlands, forest trails and natural wildlife in order to help APEC fulfill its educational mission. One of his most notable accomplishments includes working with volunteers on the Douglaston Windmill in efforts to maintain the irrigation of local ponds. Carlos is also responsible for major enhancements to APEC's trails and bridges to accommodate the growing number of visitors to the park's impressive landscape. He continues to dedicate much of his time to rehabilitating the grounds by removing invasive vines and planting hundreds of trees that provide food, protection and home for much of the park's wildlife. Congratulations Carlos.

Congratulations to all of our honorees.

Rita Sherman
Board President



Vet Tech 101 in the News!

Exciting things are happening at APEC! The word is out, APEC is a wonderful place for children to learn about animals and have hands on experience with them in a safe environment. A Columbia University film crew recently visited us and filmed our Vet Tech 101 program. Here is what they had to say about their interest in our programs here at APEC. “ We produce a weekly video series called Seen in NY (posted on our online publication New Learning Times (NLT)). NLT is our own publication, which features current developments and future possibilities in education that make learning more accessible and powerful. For the Seen in NY series, we focus on NYC-based education projects that are innovative and forward thinking, producing for each one a short 2-minute web video that serves as inspiration and resource for the broader education community and also as a jumping point to find out more about the featured organization or event.”

The Vet Tech 101 program here at APEC introduces children to the work done by a Veterinarian Technician in a fun, informative and interactive way. Check out the pictures below to see what transpired.

You can check out the article here.